All the strength in the world is useless unless it is purposefully utilized. Being steady will leave you stranded unless you have a plan. Our professionals pride themselves on their strategic and legal smarts.  Intellectual and legal resources are key in navigating the complex realm of family law.  Our professionals not only have the best education but access state-of-the art resources and keep abreast of the latest developments in law.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the relevant areas that intersect in family law.  We comfortably partner with mental health experts, experts in accounting, valuation, forensics, and child development.  We facilely aid our clients with complex valuation issues, equity and compensation arrangements from private equity carry to stock options, RSUs and alternative compensation schemes. We have depth of experience and knowledge with real estate, intellectual property, legacy and inter-generational wealth, family offices, privately held business and a myriad of other complex issues in the family law arena. Our team can help you navigate the complex landscape of professionals to assist you from other lawyers (trusts and estates, tax, real estate, just to name a few), financial planners, real estate experts, as well as mediators, private judges, parenting coordinators, evaluators, and substance abuse experts.  We continue to educate ourselves regarding disciplines relevant to our work such as children’s developmental needs, domestic violence, and issues specific to same sex couples.  Let us use our smarts and experience to keep you strong and steady in your family law matter.

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