Everyone recognizes that getting married changes parties’ legal relationships to each other.  What about the decision to live together, to raise a child together, or to live apart?  In the workplace, changes may require an examination of your personal relationships at home.  As your relationships change, the law may impose rules on you, your partner, or your company that you may not be aware of and that you may wish to avoid. For example, a decision to work for your family’s company during marriage or while you are in a committed relationship may have unintended consequences just as a decision to guarantee a business obligation or to refinance property may impact rights in the future.  Sefton Family Law Group’s professionals help you understand and define the legal aspects of your personal relationships.  Your choice to live together may warrant a cohabitation agreement; the decision to marry, a premarital agreement. Working in the family business or guaranteeing that business debt may lead to the need for a post-marital agreement. Let us help you understand what the law may infer from your personal relationships and make sure that your goals are consistent with the law.