Practice Areas

Agreements between partners:  Some clients are best served by having a written agreement between partners.  This could be a co-habitation agreement, pre-marital agreement (“pre-nup”), or an agreement before parties register as Domestic Partners.  Some partners that are already married or registered may benefit from a post-marital or post-registration agreement to clarify their arrangements.  We have extensive experience in these types of arrangements.

Custody, parentage, and paternity:  Parents often utilize our services when their are issues relating to children including adult disabled children.  We routinely partner with experts in other fields to address issues relating to children.

Transitions and modifications:  Some partners need to have their arrangements modified.  This may be by way of a post-marital agreement or modification or a prior arrangement already made.

Legal separation and dissolution (divorce):  Our team expertly navigates the complicated areas of legal separation and divorce both for opposite and same sex couples.  These actions involve both married couples as well as Registered Domestic Partners.  We are professionals and specialists in this area.

Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms:  It is often the case that “going to court” is not the best solution for our clients, their families, and their children.  We routinely represent clients in alternative dispute resolution forums such as clients participating in mediation, before a private individual in settlement negotiations, and before private judges.  We also act as mediators, special masters, and private judges for parties.

Domestic violence and safety issues:  Unfortunately, some parties need extra support to ensure the safety of their families during transitions.  We aid families to ensure all parties are safe and their rights protected and respected.